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At last, an update...

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After a long pause, here comes an update on my game project. But first, some information on one of the things that took me some time during this long silence. I did a little board game. In a few words, the goal, for each player, is to find a battery cell hidden somewhere in a space station floor and put it in the reactor to avoid the station crash on earth. Of course, some creatures are here to make things difficult. It can be played in cooperation or solo as it is possible for each player to go from a floor to another to help the others.

Some photos of the "construction"








And the initial state with only one player:


Attached to this post, you can find the rules (in French but if someone is interested I can do an English version), a "print pack" with the various parts as png files and an "edit pack" with source files (xcf, odt, blend).

I also did a simulation in Python to let the computer play for me a lot of games to check some parameters (player's health, medikit "power", turns). It is also attached (do not pay attention to code quality :unsure: ).

And now, my shoot'em up... I did a lot of things under the hood but I have some visible things too:

- the main menu allows the selection of a 1 or 2 players game,

- only one spaceship is visible when the 1 player game is chosen,

- the health level and the score of each player is displayed,

- the score is updated when an enemy is destroyed,

- it is possible to define the objects that will be considered as the "Boss" and its health level is also visible when it is close to the player,

- I improved the smoke and the explosions.

Here is a video with all of the changes (the capture is still not very good sorry):

Next: nothing visual probably as I have to change the way the objects that have to be updated or displayed are gathered across the level components...

See you soon I hope.

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