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Towards The Pantheon devlog #19 - We've been Greenlit!

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It's time for Towards The Pantheon's 18th devlog! You can find previous ones at http://www.towardsthepantheon.com/index.php/development-history

Towards The Pantheon has been Greenlit on Steam! I launched the campaign on February 15th 2017 and thirteen days letter the game was greenlit. Throughout the process, the Yes/No vote ratio was always higher than the average of the top 50 games, and I was very surprised at the amount of votes and positive feedback I received. Thank you all so much for your support! I really appreciate it, and being Greenlit in less than 2 weeks after putting so much time and effort into the game has been very rewarding. As I said on social media after I heard the news, it's time to pay that support back by rolling up the sleeves even more and working as hard as possible to deliver the best game that I can for you!

During the campaign I released a video showing some behind the scenes footage working on Towards The Pantheon's soundtrack:

Roughly once a month I will be releasing more behind the scenes videos that detail aspects of Towards The Pantheon such as soundtrack and sound effects development, game design, level design, programming/scripting, and more!

Since the last devlog Leandro has released two new videos showing the creation of our Cyberpunk City tiles and Cyberpunk Enemy sprites!

I took a little bit of time off from Towards The Pantheon after being Greenlit, but spent a good deal of time planning ahead. I now have a color coded Google Calendar full of deadlines for devlog releases, new behind the scenes videos, when to have new parts of the game completed, when to distribute new builds to the team, when to livestream, and more. I find deadlines to be very motivating, and this Google Calendar system seems to be much more efficient than my previous system (that consisted of whiteboards, post-it notes, scraps of paper, notes on napkins, etc...)


The previous deadline to finish Chapter 2 of the game has passed, but the news about Steam closing their Greenlight service threw my original plans out the window. The current deadline is March 15th, and earlier today during the livestream I completed the last level for Chapter 2. Next on the agenda is adding in more NPC sprites and portraits, adding dialog, adding new cards and combos, and testing. I'd also like to spend a day or two adding a couple effects such as screen shaking and a couple of new magic attacks.

During our livestream today Leandro asked how many levels were in Chapter 1 and 2, and the answer was 35 and 49 respectively. I consider levels as unique outdoor and indoor maps that the player can explore, so I do not include areas such as the insides of tents where players save their game. The idea is to have each chapter of the game be longer than the previous, so that there is more opportunity for character development as more characters join the party. So far, so good!


In the new schedule the deadline to have the game playable from start to finish is May 26th. That would allow me to distribute frequent builds of the game to the team for feedback and testing, while I spent the remaining ~7 months of the year polishing up and adding details in the game. I've structured development of the game this way so that I don't get too caught up fiddling with smaller things like shaders that get in the way of bigger picture things like completing levels. I've also focused solely on the PC/Mac/Linux builds of the game as I figure it is more important to actually finish the game and worry about porting later, instead of waste time making sure it runs on all the platforms I'd like to eventually release the game on.

This timeframe will allow me to spend a lot of time perfecting dialog and pacing as well as the balance of the game for quite a while. If like me you're a fan of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, you probably also love the insane amount of detail and secrets throughout those games. I want Towards The Pantheon to have that level of detail and hidden areas and treasures as well.

Here are a couple of new screenshots that I've posted recently across Towards The Pantheon's social media pages:





That's it for this devlog! If there are any topics about the game and its development that you'd like me to cover in a future devlog or in the upcoming behind the scenes videos, be sure to let me know! Thank you all again for your help and support that got Towards The Pantheon through Steam Greenlight so quickly!

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Congrats! The game looks like it will be a lot of fun. I'm really interested to see the story as well.

Thank you! We have some info about the story at http://www.towardsthepantheon.com and I've written a bit more in previous devblogs, if interested :) 


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What was your vote count?

Sorry for the late response; we were greenlit in 13 days just shy of 1000 votes. Our ratio was generally 66% yes votes and 33% no votes, which was higher than the average of the top 50 games.


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