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DevLog #13 - The Lone Ranger.....On a Pig...

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Late last night, @Riuthamus wanted me to make a way for the player to ride pigs in The Harvest! At first when I started mounting the player to the pig mesh, I was very frustrated as the pig would not budge! The Next morning I felt stupid because I had forgotten to disable the collision for the player, since that collision was interfering with the movement of the pig. Anyway, after that stupidity, it was working like a charm, the pig is very fun to ride! We will plan to maybe add more to this in the future to enhance the mechanic of having ride-able animals in game. I also plan to add bags to the sides of some animals that contain item inventories so that you can transport items with ease! I was helping @Navyman package his game in UE4 today since he does not have a Windows machine at the moment. I realized I had forgotten to check the "For Distribution" checkbox in the settings, so it ended up making a development build. These kinds of builds do apparently require Visual Studio to run. A person that he gave the packaged game to complained that Visual Studio was needed to run the game! That is very good for me to keep in mind when we start making production builds for The Harvest!

Check out The Harvest on Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448884478

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There are always more things to learn when a project nears a release, part of the reason the last 10% take 90% of the time and energy.

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