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Rebuilding the project from scratch. Not all is lost though, I have a lot of world generation, path finding and asset creation logic already figured out. Currently I'm upgrading my skills via a website I'm not sure I can mention here, but basically it's called "something"-school. By the time I'm caught up to speed on coding concepts such as Closures, Hoisting, Classes and Modules I'll be better equipped to deliver a higher performing game.

I am also going to use THREE.js' new library 84. Already it looks like the build allows for user created content to demand fewer resources.

I'm also scraping my old linear approach to development. Previously I stuck to developing a new addition to the project like layers on a cake. Now I'm going to instead approach development like an inflating balloon. Each part necessary to the end game will be available upfront for development purposes and then the complexity of each will expand like the surface of a balloon.

And most excitingly, I'm scrapping the old look. It's still going to have a very simplistic look, still lot's of triangles and stuff, but, scrapping the space look all together and focusing more on a world build that adheres to the theme of the game. I'll be incorporating custom shaders.

I may not have much to show for a while, but I'll keep the community posted.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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