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'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars' Is All Set To Hit The Market On 23rd March 2017

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One of the famous superhero series of the 20th century, Power Rangers is stepping into mobile video games market. nWay revealed about Power Rangers: Legacy Wars during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on February, and it is set to be released on Android and iOS on 23rd March 2017. Date of the game was announced during the keynote presentation of Unity Technologies. The mobile game is scheduled to launch a day before the new movie reboot heads into theaters on March 24th. Exceptionally, the game was live in Brazil and Canada.

Stars of Power Ranger including Jason David Frank and Ludi Lin were at the event to showcase the game. Ludi Lin will be playing the Black Ranger in the upcoming movie and played the Green Ranger in the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a real-time multiplayer game, and in this game, players are allowed to build their own team to defeat Rita and her cohorts, using its real-time multiplayer function. This game is a typical side-scrolling, 2D fighting game. Certain types of attacks would cost certain points which make players to move in different ways to earn more score.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars features an unique timing system, unlike other traditional fighting game. Players constantly can earn points over time and can use attacks that take a certain amount of points. It's also a three on three fights, similar to Marvel vs. Capcom, with players able to swap between characters with the push of a button.

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