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DevLog #16 - Keep on keep'n on!

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Well, after our game, "Valley of Crescent Mountain" has been greenlit, we are now getting in as much content as we can! We are very excited to start preparing this game for release on Steam. Part of that process is streamlining what we already have implemented. One of those things is our networking system for the tiles. We were lazily replicating all of the tile data at once, and we wondered why the loading on the network was so slow! I made a system tonight that splits up the tiles into sections and replicates the data for those separately! This turned out to work well as I tried to take the tile amount up a notch to over 16k, and there were no loading issues on the network at all! I suppose the motto always is with networking, "only send what you absolutely NEED over the wire."

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"only send what you absolutely NEED over the wire."


While "TONS of Data" is great to have, sometimes it just creates more overhead than it is worth. Players' immersion is a key reason lag is so hated.

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It has been some serious time since the last post. Anymore updates we can know about?

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