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Apple Launched New Indie Games Section in their App Store

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Apple has some good news for indie mobile game developers as the company has now launched a new section of App Store of indie games for iPhone and iPad to make it easier for independent games to get noticed by App Store users. Apple first kicked off the App Store promotion last week and had also promoted seven new indie games. The special collections, discounts, and new title launches will continue through the start of next week. Apple says it is specifically highlighting titles from aEURoesmall, self-funded, and self-published teamsaEUR? this week.

The games included in the indie game section will also be promoted on the main App Store, and additionally, Apple has been spotlighting a number of new releases including Kingdom: New Lands, Oxenfree, and Mushroom 11.

Itay Keren, the creator of Mushroom, noted, aEURoeThe new showcase is fantastic news for indie gaming. Apple has always been a champion for indie games, and many of the biggest titles through the years were the product of small independent teams.aEUR? He has also added, aEURoeApple is helping to redefine mobile gaming, bringing a larger spectrum of works to their audiences, and growing the number and types of players seeking unique experiences in their store.aEUR?

iOS has always been home to some indie developers such as Zach Gage and NimbleBit. The developers have also seen Apple continue to support independent developers over the years and through many changes to the App Store and the mobile gaming market.

According to Zach Gage, aEURoeI can't think of another curated platform that has undergone the scale changes that iOS has gone through that makes such an effort to keep everything relatively democratized. Of course, indies were getting featured all the time when the platform was new and sparse, but to see them still being often featured when we're competing with games that literally make a million dollars a day is pretty astonishing.aEUR?

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