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Welcome To Masters

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Hello readers,

To start off this blog, let us give you a quick introduction to ourselves and to our game.

We are a team of three and have been working together for 4 years. What makes us unique is the way in which we augment each otheraEUR(TM)s strengths to form a work force thataEUR(TM)s incredibly versatile. Originally we come from the gaming, architecture and media entertainment industries. Now weaEUR(TM)re putting our combined 30 years of content production experience together to make our first joint game project a reality.

The name of this project is MASTERS, and it is an ambitious story-based VR game that sets out to deliver a great gaming experience coupled with high production values and an exciting storyline. We donaEUR(TM)t want to give away too many plot details, but as the name suggests, during the course of the game players will encounter various members of a group generally referred to as the Masters. Often times, these encounters will be hostile, and players must defend themselves against their powerful foes.

While fighting is an important aspect of MASTERS, it is not a pure action game. Rather, we let players explore their environments, move the storyline forward and immerse themselves in the world we create. When fights occur, one way to engage in combat is by using a system that lets players draw various gestures into the air in order to cast a spell.

Speaking of aEURoespells,aEUR? we will likely give them a different name once we have the story fleshed out entirely. Spells, magic and other well-known elements from Fantasy fiction and media will be in the game, but stylistically we are going for Contemporary Fantasy. We wonaEUR(TM)t have witches, wizards, orcs or fairies. Our world is modern, it has cars and skyscrapers and phones. And it has mystical elements, supernatural beings, powers that transcend the laws of nature.

In this blog we will continually post progress updates for our game. Sometimes weaEUR(TM)ll write about general topics, sometimes weaEUR(TM)ll go into technical details about game development. Hopefully, we can find a good mix between in-depth tech info as well as broader subjects interesting to non-developers. Due to the immense amount of work required to complete this game, we are planning an episodic release schedule, with the first episode releasing late 2017.

This blog entry is cross posted from our main blog at http://masters-game.com/

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Very cool, and welcome to GameDev.net. Look forward to in-progress updates and reading about your technical path as you develop the game.

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