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deciding what type of game to make?

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Whether you use a game engine or make one yourself, there are a variety of games that you can make.

There are a variety of decisions that go along with making any kind of game, and also factors in deciding what game to make.

Let's review the different types of games:

  • Platformers
  • Simulations: Sports, Racing, Air Combat, traditional simulation
  • Fighting
  • Action
  • Role-Playing Games: turn based and fps
  • Action role-playing games
  • FPS
  • Puzzle

    For each kind of game, there are different strengths that'll you need to compete or be taken seriously in order to make a game that someone wants to play.

    • Realistic rendering
    • Fast game play
    • Highly precise physics
    • In depth character design
    • Historical knowledge or expertise in a subject
    • Complex or Simple AI design
    • Fast Computations
    • Muli-threaded or complex code constructs

      Also depending on what role you play in your team you, you'll have to understand software and project management, as well as supplementary roles of your teammates that may not be programmers.

      • Project Management
      • Content or Asset management
      • A highly secure network for your workstations
      • The right kind of equipment that fits your budget
      • Long term planning, which includes growing, educating, and managing your teammates or employees
      • Game design and educating yourself or educating others on your team about making a game playable from start to end, including difficulty awareness

        I will post more in future blogs about what different kinds of game types require, but in the mean time I wanted to post this, to get any readers interested in the complexity and challenging nature of video games!

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Puzzle games are not a great idea if you are looking to market on Steam.

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Puzzle games are still a good way to get experience in making a game from start to finish, especially if you are a solo programmer.

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