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Explore, Fight and Conquer: Starfall Tactics invites you to the Character Test!

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Hello all, we are happy to welcome you in Starfall Tactics blog on Gamedev.net! You could have already seen some info about the game on Gamedev.net forum, but let's add a short description for those who don't know anything about the game and our small independet studio:

Developer: Snowforged Entertainment, Based in Irkutsk, Siberia
Release date: Projected aEUR" 2017
Website: starfalltactics.com
Platforms: Windows; Mac, Linux - TBD
Genre: MMO Real-Time Strategy with Wargame elements
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Starfall Tactics is a hardcore mix of RTS and Wargame genres, which allows you to build a space fleet of your dreams, battle against other players in quick and ranked matches and discover a huge Galaxy you can conquer. Exciting quick PvP matches for advanced strategists and wargamers, challenging PvE missions, plenty of tactical choices, in-depth customization of every unit in your army, nice visual component and a huge open world for MMO fans - it's all about this game.

We'll start our blog from a test invite post and will add some work in progress articles later - so stay tuned!


Starfall Tactics invites all RTS and MMO fans, wargamers, strategists and just every player to check upcoming MMO Real-Time Wargame and hunt down some bugs starting 24th April 14:00 CET. Apply for the test here.

Snowforged Team worked hard to add new content, features and, at the same time - done a huge work with internal part of the game by changing and improving code to let the game be better in future. So, now many parts of the game have to be tested again to let us fix most disastrous bugs and mistakes - that's where we need a helping hand.

Participate in intense Ranked battles, conquer persistent Galaxy and check several new features:

  • Character creation and progression (limited)
  • New ship class - Carriers
  • Reworked Main Menu
  • Mining
  • New Fleet Editor - Shipyard
  • New shield modules
  • And more - check patch notes to see full list of changes. (available on Friday)

    It's up to you to decide whether you want to climb the ladder in ranked quick matches or level up your character in the MMO mode by colonizing planets, fighting for territories or mining precious resources.
    This small test is dedicated to a quick technical check of upcoming features - so we welcome all feedback and bugreports :lol:

    See you in Starfall Tactics!

    Feel free to ask away any questions here ;)

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