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Hidden gold

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I did a little something the past few days. It is a cave made with polystyrene. I cut some pieces, scratched them with a knife to shape them:


I did two bridges and some details with wood and wire:


I then painted and glued the different parts:




I finished the sides using glue, salt and paint:



I added a wire tree and some rocks:


And I now have this:





You can see more pictures in the gallery:


(I did a small part with lights to go under the cave, I will try to take a photo with the lights on but I am not sure about the result)

Have a nice day !

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Thanks. This is my first creation and selling things is not an objective right now. I will practice more and maybe if someone is interested in one of the resulting scenes I will sell it.

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And now, in the dark with the lights under the cave:

The photo is not very good but the effect is visible.

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