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The Little Things

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Hello world! Just wanted to show a few examples of how I have created change in my work with minuscule details. This will be a fairly short blog just to give some people an idea about how we can manipulate a scene with the little things such as lighting and props. On their own you might not even realize that they are there, but these before and after pictures should give you a good idea of just how much things have changed with little to no work in beautiful 1440p. Enjoy!

This edit was mostly lighting. I was able to manipulate the black point therefore increasing the intensity of the shadows. I also completely reworked the look of the statue to make it look less like corroded copper and more like bronze. You may also notice a slight change in bloom, depth of field (or view distance), and of course some nice clouds above the scene.






This change was probably the least involved of the changes. I slightly edited the particle effects as well as added a few more props into the scene to make it seem a bit more busy on the foreground. This also had a pleasant effect of taking up space where some repetitive textures existed.





Probably the most noticeable of them all, this scene as undergone essential changes to make the scene look the way it is. The use of volumetric fog allows for ambient lighting to spread across the scene. It should be mentioned that no lights were added to the scene to have this effect. Instead, I was able to alter the atmospheric ambient values to obtain this effect. Other notable changes are softer shadows, deep field of view, and relatively heavy bloom to obtain the desired result.





I hope these pictures are interesting and show the development of interesting lighting and props. If anyone has any questions about my work, feel free to ask!

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