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Creating a game worth playing!

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I've been plugging away at this game full tilt. It's had me thinking a lot about what the hell it is I'm doing with myself and how I've chosen to spend my free time. For the past three years I've been focused on developing various functionality into this project so that when the time came, I could easily tap into the logic necessary for simulating thousands of AI in real time. I wanted this all to be done over the internet so that a player could login to a website, join a server and be in apart of a game session lasting days, possibly even months. But the more functionality I developed, the more I realised I was not working towards what all this effort has been for, and that is to create a game.

Over the past three weeks I created the website, I'm currently in the process of porting over all my code to a node server framework. All the code I've written has been in JavaScript, so other then a few syntax differences the transition has been rather quick. Once a user registers they'll be able to join a game. Here's a screenshot of the websites look.

Screenshot from 2017-05-03 19-42-32.png

Another thing I've been thinking about is that I should share more of the code I've written. I've briefly talked about my sphere generation logic in a previous blog but here is a working example of it, I figure if I've got to come up with one thing that it is possibly worthy of contribution this is it. Unzip the folder before you run the html file, who knows, maybe someone somewhere might find a use for some of the stuff I've written. It's a small contribution to the GameDev community.


Updating the terrain has been my focus for the last week. The mountains and water edges are looking better. I've added rivers, which look awesome in my opinion, and started to add assets such as Pine trees and wolves ;) to the world builds. I've included a short album showcasing some of the newer look.

If anyone is interested in contributing content for this game such as trees, shrubs, plants, and animals: please visit my previous blog post here https://www.gamedev.net/blog/1989/entry-2262570-z-model/

To create a game worth playing is my primary focus now. I want to get to the point where I can start creating game-content soon. I'm done experimenting with this and that. Maybe not next blog post, but two blog posts from now I want to start covering game-play and game-content.

What I can tell you now is what has inspired me all these years, and that was to create an RTS/Civilization game that can simulate a simplified economy. One where wealth auto-generates and trade is simulated in the background via the AI. That is my inspiration, and the goal is to make an awesome game to go along with it.

I hope I can slowly start to inspire you as much as I've become inspired. Thanks for reading.

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Firefox over 5 million faces, just playing around.

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