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Developer's Log, star date 98723426pistachio18#himom

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Embassy of Time


The project is now three months old, today. That means I have uploaded the current game for anyone to play around with. It's clunky and has a tendency to crash, but as long as it works it's kind of enjoyable!

If you follow my blog (I actually think a couple of people do, which blew me away completely!), you know my habit of tabula rasa, i.e. the clean slate. Today (maybe tomorrow, it is a Saturday, after all) I will be implementing that. I will be archiving all I have made and starting up a clean, untouched project. Using my experiences and lifted code from older versions, I will be putting together a new, sleaker version of the game. I hope. I have made enough structural innovations to my work that I know in my heart that building the code around those concepts, rather than designing the concepts around old code, will make everything better. The sun will come out, I will lose 10 pounds, and someone will offer me 10 million to do the game. Everything will be amazing and happy.


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