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Starting a game development studio

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[font=arial]New report of Newzoo predicts that, aEURoeThe global market is to grow at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 6.6% until 2019, reaching revenues of $118.6 billion. Mobile gaming is expected to account for revenues of $52.5 billion.aEUR? While there is a rapid growth of gaming industry, a large group of graduates are picking aEUR~game developeraEUR(TM) as a career choice and many of them are focused on building up their own gaming company. There are few factors that one should keep in mind before kicking off your own company. [/font]

[font=arial]Explaining on the same, Imre Jele, Bossa Studios, states, aEURoeBefore you start your company, ask yourself why you are doing this aEUR" and give a very honest answer. Do you want fame or fortune? To be celebrated as an artist or be a powerful force in the games business? All are cool. Just make sure you identify your true passion, because making games isnaEUR(TM)t easy and you will need that higher purpose to drive you forward.aEUR? [/font]

[font=arial]Sometimes, you feel unsatisfied about some big releases of games where you know you can make it better. Though developing your own game or establishing your own studio is not easy but not impossible. To publish your own game is challenging,but there are many roads to start a living in gaming industry. CEO of Marmalade Technologies, Charlie Peachey, describes, aEURoeThink about your audience. What platforms are they on? What devices are they using? Where might they be in the future? What devices will they buy? Make sure your content is ready to go wherever they are by using the right cross-platform tools from the outset. A flexible, future-proof foundation for your game means itaEUR(TM)ll stay relevant and engaging for longer.aEUR?[/font]

[font=arial]Here we have discussed about the factors of establishing a mobile game development studio.[/font]

[font=arial]Target audience[/font]

[font=arial]To be sure about the target audience is one of the most important steps to be cared about. Without focusing on your audience, simply developing games may not serve you any successful result. Probably, you will be having mind-blowing idea about your game, but focusing on your audience can help your studio to develop top-notch games as it helps to decide which game to release on particular platforms in particular regions. [/font]


[font=arial]You should have your own creative ideas about the game rather copying some old concept in a new form. For an example there are many types of racing games but PokA(C)mon Go wins the mobile gaming market with its unique concept of Augmented Realityin 2016. Being a start-up, real creative concept is the very first thing to have in mind. [/font]


[font=arial]When you are sure about developing game with your own concept and to grow in this market, the prime step is to be taken care is the financial part. Emphasising on this, you can have the funding from some ventures.The minimum budget to build a game depends on the game concept and the marketing you will need to do.[/font]


[font=arial]As it is going to be the very first project of yours, release on the right time can help the game to grab its target audiences or players. [/font]


[font=arial]Having these above factors in mind, to establish a studio, the necessary part is the team building. You should be having at least three departments in your team; one is designing team, team of artists and the technical team. The designers build the main concept of the game with the help of artists and create the game design document explaining the levels of game and screen view. After completing the game design document, artists build the concept that helps designers to build the prototype. With the help of prototype, technical team of programmers transport the concept into coding. So, it is very necessary to have the engagement of the team. [/font]

[font=arial]Dan Da Rocha of Mudvark demonstrates building gaming studio as, aEURoeIf youaEUR(TM)re looking to start your own studio and donaEUR(TM)t have deep pockets of your own, youaEUR(TM)ll first need some funding in order to pay salaries, purchase hardware and software and to travel to events. Initially youaEUR(TM)ll need a prototype of a game to appease investors and a previous track record helps.aEUR?[/font]

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