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Placeholder Graphics 'R' Us - with video!

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I got a chunk of stuff out of the way today, even with some unscheduled "fall asleep on couch with cat on chest" time.

A brief video (of the project, not the cat-on-chest sleeping) should be included below, if my journal entry skills are up to scratch.


Like I mentioned in the previous update, I started with doing some project updates and refactoring, after which it was on to making a rudimentary enemy prototype (red quad!).

Enemies spawn in waves, each wave with a randomly chosen number of enemies (pre-define min and max). The system also allows choosing different enemies, but we'll see how all that'll work once more enemy types are actually added in. Later on all this enemy stuff will have to be reworked quite extensively, but for now it at least gives me an unending amount of enemies to shoot at.

Enemies have health, and take damage when hit by a projectile. If killed by a projectile, they drop currency. If death occurs due to colliding with the player (which also damages the player), no currency is spawned.

Currency, when spawned, waits for a little while before starting their descent. They also time-out after a while, indicating by 2 different flash speeds. When collected, currency is added to the player's total.

Next up will be displaying player health and currency somewhere. After that, the next thing I want to do is some shop interface, where you can buy new weapons/upgrades. At that point, I'll need to do my weapon firing logic better -- checking which weapon is the currently equipped, grabbing stats from it, etc. I might also do some sort of enemy health bar above the enemy, and do the object pooling for the various objects I currently instantiate and destroy.


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