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Upgrade Update: GDNet+

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It's been a couple weeks since the last update, but work on the upgrade has continued slowly and methodically. You don't want to rush these things - we're implementing the changes, converting data, then checking it again, writing scripts to ensure a fast reload if something gets messed up after we go live, etc. We don't want to make any mistakes on 18 years of community interactions.

In any case, I wanted to update everyone on a few new things coming for GDNet+ as a result of this upgrade along with a few ideas we'll officially make public that will take effect with the upgrade.

In my last update we announced our partnership with CRC Press, with discounts for GDNet+ members ranging from 10-20% off books from their website. This benefit will continue, but we're adding a few more items. Check out the screenshot I cropped from the new site (a preview!):


A few items of interest:

Monthly entry into GameDev.net T-shirt Giveaway

Just like it says, every GDNet+ member will be entered into a monthly drawing to win a GameDev.net t-shirt. More to come on how this will work, but members in higher tiers will have a better chance to win.

Priority for Games Industry Conference and Event Pass Giveaways

Every once in a while we have extra passes for an industry event or conference, and we're tired of these going unused when we can't find a suitable member to go. From now on whenever we have extra passes, we'll survey GDNet+ members who can attend these events, sometimes with little notice, and will pick a random winner from those who respond.

Access site beta features

We've setup the new site so we can implement beta features and restrict access to a limited set of users. GDNet+ members will have access to these areas and opportunities to provide feedback. In some cases possibly even contribute.

Access to private GDNet+ Member forum

A new forum will be available to GDNet+ members only.

Ability to bypass content moderation in areas requiring content approval

Some areas require a moderator to approve the content before it's posted. The most popular example of this is the Hobby Project Classifieds forum, which requires moderator approval before a post is shown. GDNet+ members will no longer have this restriction.

Other Items

Profile cover photos and animated profile photos will now be allowed for GDNet+ members.

Also, GDNet+ members will be able to give an unlimited amount of reputation influence any given day.

GDNet+ members will have their posts highlighted in the forums.

GDNet+ members will have moderator privileges for their own blogs, allowing them to truly own their Blog space should an unruly spammer come along.

The Gallery will now allow Movies - GDNet+ members will be able to upload these to the Gallery. They will also be able to restrict access to Albums if they would like.

More to come

These benefits will take effect when we launch the new version of the site mid-June. This is just the beginning. At launch time we're focusing on making sure everything with the platform works as expected. Shortly after we'll start adding even more features, and as a result more benefits for GDNet+.

As always, please share your feedback, ideas, and more in the comments below.

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