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Upgrade Update: Latest Info

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Did you know that GameDev.net will celebrate its 18th year of operation on June 15?

It's also roughly when we plan to go live with the upgrade. Here's the latest:

Contractor Ads and GDNet+

We are going to change the Freelancer / Contractor advertising section to be a GDNet+ benefit. So instead of being charged each time you want to put up a listing, through the small monthly fee of the GDNet+ subscription you can keep your listing up as long as you have a GDNet+ subscription. More details to come.


I definitely appreciate all the feedback from the Reputation system feedback. We didn't receive the 25 responses, but since the discussion was still valuable we'll still give away the 3 months of GDNet+, to be awarded when we launch the upgrade.

As for the Reputation system itself, no decisions have been made, and we may delay any major changes until after the upgrade is live. I don't think anyone will complain about no changes, but we will get complaints if we make poor, rushed decisions. I'll reach out for feedback as we know more on Reputation.


The task list is huge, but we're past the 50% mark. I'm kind of glad we decided not to add too many new features until after the upgrade (i.e. we avoided feature creep). Here's a summary:

Articles - done
Blogs - done
Forums - done
News - done
Events - done
Jobs - done (and something new)
Freelancers/Contractors - see above
Chat - done (new Discord integration!)

Still to do:
New Activity Stream formatting (a better Latest Content)
Finalize GDNet+ setup
Finalize permissions
Update and confirm Forum Tags for merged forums
Finish Frontpage and side blocks (jobs, contractors, news)
Review reputation points awards
RSS feeds
301 redirects for new URLs
Confirm page formatting
Data integrity checks
Test, test, test

While we have a functioning site now (with data replicated from the live site), there's still a fair amount to do. More updates to come.

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