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f1, fg2 [reinstatement]

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[Afterword: I'm reinstating these entries because I was working on a 200-page something-or-other, and didn't realize I could split it up. How exactly is that related? Well, I'm not going to go into details. So just never mind.]

Hello, it's me... I have stopped working on games pretty much, and now all I do now is think about stuff I would have made, but don't, because I don't think it's worth the effort, or because I don't think I'm going to ... make any money off of it. So I will share ideas of things I wanted to make, because I like discussing or thinking about my ideas just as much. I don't really mind if somebody uses these ideas, I guess, because I don't think I can make money off of them. These are things I do in my free time, while I take breaks from more productive things (not going to talk about that much though).

What I did was, I had a lot of ideas, and I decided to just make a folder with text files in each one just to enumerate on all the thoughts I had, and write down all the permutations of ideas, with details. I will probably upload them later when I get time, but so far there's an "f1" folder here: With images and stuff.

There's also an app I made called the "Caloric Metabolic Graph". Basically:

2016-05-25 00-40-04.jpg

There's other stuff also, I don't know if I will share it all. But it's good ideas that I think somebody should make or something. That's all for now.

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