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The PS Vita has a nice design, and nice buttons and controls, don't you think? I wouldn't mind if it was running some linux/chrome/android-based operating system that I could develop on, and use for general productivity, and as a smartphone, instead of my smartphone right now. I was thinking how I might use it as, say, an engineering tool, and really, if I had the choice, I would rather develop for it than for a smartphone, if I had the choice, if I was making or needed something mobile. I don't think there's any use for it right now, personally, but I was trying to think what I could use it for, what would be useful for me personally, and I can't think of something that's reusable and needed for me multiple times, other than what I already have on smartphone. Maybe as a visual presentation tool, since it has a bigger screen, and rotation sticks, and because on a smartphone, it has less screenspace, not only because you have to put buttons on the screen that you would cover up with your fingers, but the buttons have to be bigger because otherwise you wouldn't be able to press or feel them.

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