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bluetooth web

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[Don't know why this became a draft yesterday] Imagine if you're passing by on the street in a dense city, or sitting in an apartment building, or riding in some part of the city, and your smartphone is exchanging files via bluetooth and/or wifi-direct (piracy? new bit-torrent?). It would be like a second, geo-physical internet. Every car could have its own website or blog, and restaurants could have menus that you download, you could exchange business cards or resumes, and hand-outs in exhibitions, business meetings, or presentations, or in class. Students could trade whatever they wanted, pictures or mp3's, or haiku's, during class, or break. Discussions could be possible in flat-file texts, using a git merge algorithm. It would work by channeling HTTP over bluetooth. You have some HTTP server running on your smartphone, or device, and a minihttpd HTTP minimal-functionality server that forwards requests to the localhost.

It channels HTTP over bluetooth to create a local network that boosts other neighbors to create a blog or viral file sharing or waves. And you can do word searches. You access it by going to http:// localhost:43344/[macadress]. Minihttpd running on that port then translates this to get data over bluetooth and reports it back and all links will thus work correctly even in local browser and opening just that localhost will give minihttpd control over refresh and finding hosts. So if [macaddress] is some other person in the area that it's aware of, it will forward that host's data over bluetooth or wifi-direct.

It gives web designers a free web host to do whatver they want, show off portfolios, and test out ideas. You can do a search for other web-hosts content by entering a search into your localhost:43344 control panel. From there are also links to connect to local hosts around you. For web dev students it is useful to learn angularjs etc and to show off portfolios. You don't even need to pay cellular or data charges because it's free. In a case where there's damaged infrastructure or something, eg in an apocalypse (heh), you can use it as a second internet. A distributed, bluetooth/wifi-direct inter-mesh. Because meshworking is the equivalent to networking that concerns mesh-topologies (wifi-direct and bluetooth) over net-topologies (internet).

As the first file to transfer across the "Spice Road" I would have put a poem in my /viral/ folder:

I used to be a city boy / Now I'm a country hood

Shops can also send you ads while you walk by a store window for example. Instead of passing out slides, you can save on paper and pass out files. And if you're stuck in traffic, or in the metro, you can check on your "neighbors'" blogs, or viral folders.

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