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asdfasfd [edit4]

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I have some more time for ideas. This one doesn't require writing, just mostly copy-pasting.

This is an idea for a zombie shooter, possibly a novel or a (computer-generated or trash-snipped-together-from-random-Google-images?) movie now.

The original game exe is here, for the earlier version:


And this is an even older version:





[edit] The newer version in the exe:




[edit] More images, of a newer version:
















2015-07-26 12-00-53c.jpg2015-07-26 12-00-36c.jpg

The Greenlight page for it is here (to follow the train of ideas, read this Greenlight page before the "idea dump" below):


I was working on this and made the YouTube videos in the Greenlight page as a way to express the ideas for the cutscenes, without a lot of work. Now I realize this can be made into a whole short length film, using the material I have. I at one point recruited some people to make some music, and got these two. The first one is for the "rave scene", with a beat reminiscent of zombie nation. The second is perhaps for the ending.




[edit] The people that wrote these awesome tracks are... somewhere on my Skype. I believe it's "KODA production" for the first one, and for the others "MSF Studio": https://soundcloud.com/msfstudio/msf-studio-vector-ost

The clips are here (there are a few things more at the end here than in the Greenlight page texts):

Here is a dump of the things that I came up with later than the texts on the Greenlight page:



Winding path in forest grass trees

Going down dip then up between trees path one in middle shadows shade

Fancy motorcycle foreign

Start off on bike just escaping


Marsh yellow wheat or grass trodden or flattened beach front forest clearing interspersed


Nobody would've gotten infected if they stayed indoors when the streets became dangerous

But they had no choice once food started running out

It was a survival spectacle for anybody who stayed indoors and witnessed countless survivors trying to make it to

safety as they ventured into the unknown, only to be mauled like the rest after giving a good fight


there's still room on the zombie bandwagon


kappa beta phi bros




nuc escape

time outlast fortify


supply run




I have some original ideas. Using Anaglyph 3D glasses, or a distributed peer-to-peer MMO, or

a battle-with-the-unconconscious where you try to keep your body and mind satisfied or else

your character does stuff on it's own... e.g., killing roommate out of insanity or eating

habitually, and you have a level of control over your character based on how satisfied your

subconscious is. E.g., it will wander off on its own and you have a throttle that determines

how much 'effort' you can spend. And you can only steer it one way or another, and your

character basically goes more and more mindless until effort is regenerated. Maybe for more

fun, the 'dark side' and 'light side' of the character will be controlled by two players,

and the conscious side gets points to spend on actions that are used up. The unconscious

gets points when there is an unsatisfied need. And in the meanwhile it can also act as

impulses or urges.

Maybe the conscious side just picks choices that the unconscious gives it.


2015 11 03


new idea for software

barter efficiency hypothesis

(NOTE: I think this idea is crap and I just wrote it for the fun. this is the system they use after the apocalypse.)

barter network

based on the premise that the value expressed in

money terms might not fully capture the value of

all goods and services to everyone in a global

economy and that sometimes, exchange between two

or more parties can be cheaper and more agreeable

using barter, unilaterally or in more complicated


the money economy is barter too, in the sense that

when a person sells something, like their labour,

they barter it for what that money buys. because

money values must abide by the common denominator,

they cannot express what value an individual might

place in something. a person might like ice cream

from a local shop more than it is worth in money.

of course this person would never pay more than it

is worth, though he may be willing to do something

that somebody else might value more, who in turn

could provide the ice cream parlour owners with

something they value. what if there was a place

where people could browse through billions of goods

and services to match their needs, while looking

through requests for goods and services from other


although it is possible

to do barter already, the barter network aims to make

it easier and enable people to expand their possibilities

by giving people their own currencies or certificates

for what they are willing to do or exchange. these

certificates or promises can be traded for higher

value with other users, making everyone a trader.

on modern barter websites the trade is too short.

money is so useful because it holds its value

while allowing for complex exchange.

who says a lump of coal is worth $200 to you?

who says that a plate of steel is worth $100 to you

if the car manufacturer is willing to buy it at that


But it might be argued that the extra price you pay

with money is the cost of convenience and liquidity.

And not everyone

is probably worse off with a money economy, as some will

earn more sales than they would under barter.

money is debt but money isn't an indicator of how

much society owes you. the origin of money is

in certificates issued

by different tradesman who promised to fulfill

certain deeds. and i believe this better describes

the complex choices people have today in selling and

purchasing goods and services. i believe that

inaccuracy and mismatch in what something is worth

to different people leads to unemployment and

social woes, and that the world would be a better

place if people bartered. what if everyone could print

their own money, and the government couldn't drive

inflation up. everyone becomes the sole proprietor

of their own business.

perhaps initially useful for the exchange of

virtual goods or services, this might later become

a useful medium for the exchange used goods, talent,

local one-time jobs, and perhaps even entire living

arrangements. perhaps one day you will do all your

shopping through barter net. perhaps you have a

broken phone, or a game console you can't sell, and

you can't find a buyer and don't know how to. you can

outsource finding a buyer to another trader. instead

of asking for money, think of something else you might

like. and combine it into bundles. maybe it won't

be the end all solution to replace money, but

at least the medium of exchange of a community of

digital content creators.

perhaps it might be an alternative to piracy.

the age of digital barter.

so how it would work basically,

you would have a collection of certificates,

and other people would see and it could say

"so and so wants this" when they click on your

certificate, and you could propose to trade for

something they have, or you could see a list

of offers of what somebody is offering.

the success or failure of this would probably

depend on getting large sellers onboard, like

living places. that is the whole point of a

medium of exchange, to sustain oneself. if it

can't do that, it's useless.

Make it distributed network hosted on user device

that issues certificates tied to user, like bitcoin.

Certificates issued can be disputed if what they promise

isn't delivered and seller's reputation will be tarnished

so others will not make the same mistake.

For example, I would barter my used videogames.

In search of something interesting.

Or some old device that's broken that I don't use anymore,

shipping included.

Or anything I don't want.. food? and shipping?

Different things can be attached to certificate...

address, email, phone, images of promised physical item,

text, links, etc.

What would be valuable is the services of 3d modellers,

artists, or voice actors, or musicians, or novel writers,

comic book artists, etc. Maybe allow people to choose


I have a TON of stuff I don't need anymore... CD's, books,

clothes, broken or old devices, etc.

A place to find old used or broken electronics

Even if you don't need it, you might trade it with someone who


Outstanding certificates

Not issued

Not traded

Completed transactions

Delivered certificates

Testimony ratings feedback

Outstanding disputes

Redeem certificate

Dispute certificate

Dispute resolved

Contact information

Only revealed when a user redeems the certificate

Shipping information

Shipping included


Not applicable

See everybody online

People really don't want to spend money

But if given the chance to trade something they don't need,

they may give it a try

Sell computing power

Ratings feedback reviews

Of user

Of redeemed certificate

worst case scenario is, there's a lot of useless junk that

nobody wants, or people end up with certificates they can't do

anything with

think what marriage will be like

proposal for marriage, what do you have, money? "i give you

television, remote control... " (borat)

They won't even consider it (Amazon), pushing the prices low

enough for them to have an interest in it, when a more

agreeable trade might be had using barter certificates

What would be most useful is transportation, food/catering,

and living arrangements, and electricity and utilities

As an experiment,

Track what you buy and where that money goes and what they buy

with it

Can a barter be made?

Maybe there's a business in buying broken smartphones and

computers and using them for computing power

Computing what? Just go to freegeeks and get their


Maybe resell them?

or ebay "core 2 duo motherboard"


2016 06 11

Barternet firechat Bluetooth kazaa post z calypso

Neuro z

Rave light effects fog lazers

Trans warp.

Recovery plan sold all children into slavery for ten years futures

06 20

Inside industrial facility all inside

Ladders walkways passages hanging chains vents pipes smoke above windows metal walls grates below walls wires rooms levels big b sky clouds above nature around secluded river


2016 11 29

looking back on the global financial situation

countries suffered from the profit bottleneck

in that nobody would produce unless they earned a profit, which took money out of the economy if they did not spend it

unless a country or company chose to maximize something else,

like a mineral, or its own currency

barter also offered a way out

wave mail distributed messaging system

and spice trade, the distributed file sharing program and geo-web inter-mesh server

tunnels http over bluetooth or wifi direct

web pages are now binary to save energy and bandwidth

barter credits circular debt system

money started out as an "I owe you" system where a tradesman promised to deliver

some good or service to the bearer of a token for which he took something

but the token was then not destroyed and became a general government-backed instrument of trade

in the digital circular debt system

these "I owe you's" could be passed around

to make sure there was no fraud, each transaction would be numbered, by both ordinal and timestamp,

and recorded in nearby neighbour devices who would also send it out to others to make fraud harder by witnesses

whenever an "I owe you" made a complete circular, for example from the original tradesman A, to device B, to C,

and back to A, it would be eliminated by the system by again propagating the erase signal to all parties and witnesses

which is also necessary to eliminate bloating in the system

now instead of credit cards, people could trade using an app on their devices tied to their unique MAC address

the internet was now distributed and worked by bluetooth and wifi-direct, where each person could carry around

their web blog server

neighbours could tunnel through other neighbours to increase their range and amplify their signal,

and cache unvisited pages or files for later viewing

the wave mail and distributed inter-mesh now functioned by self-assigned address system by interest groups,

which would not be tied geographically

now the internet server pages are compiled dynamic libraries instead of served-up scripts, which helps

save energy and bandwidth



inside home garage door bunker

throw canister explosive using wire chained beer sized can


inside police precint jail half underground near river


wear earplugs at night to fall asleep ignore zombies clawing and gnawing at the door and windows fence


informal toy currency


paid to do experiments on z



we hang our laundry to dry to conserve energy or because we dont have it

soap is running out

we use washing more than towels now because water is easier to obtain

rain moisture extractors temporary solution

informal toy currencies arose in places as a temporary solution to do favours between locals

mostly to exchange physical household goods or books saved

interactopedias are a new novel form of media

going camping carries the same risk of wildlife from z's that before would be bears

signs hang some places of "zombie crossings" on roads between places

it's a human figure with one arm out in front and a back tilted head

we take a photo of each deceased to pass on to their relatives if they are found

and as a monument to the tragedy

pathologists are working on an investigation and

a period-by-period reconstruction of the exact events

that occured during the epidemic

textbooks are being made that will teach the biological, cellular mechanism

by which the infection spreads and acts

the virus is thought to bind to the Molybdate transporter AB2C2 complex in the open state

to travel across the cell membrane

the virus might have been dormant all this time and have occurred previously in the past,

leading to periodic mass extinctions known as z ages

this might have been the cause of the extinction of much life on earth during the dinosaur period

in which only isolated pockets of life survived that hid in caves or the oceans

there's new technology now besides wave mail and geo-internet

an interesting phenomenon now is apps that use neuro-hashes to evolve behaviour of virtual creatures

the neuro-hash captures everything needed for a functionally complete general purpose solution

to intelligence, able to capture any behaviour or circuit

it is composed of a 128-bit wide and 512-bit high segment of masks for the neural "weights"

where the intermediate values generated by NAND operations between two previous values and a

mask bit, are mixed by offsets of 2's starting from 1, going on to 2,4,8 etc. to give a complete

mix of every input bit with every other every 8 levels.

the creatures get senses of their surroundings by using an "ask-answer" system, depending on

the values of bits in the left half of the output bits. the right half is fed back in

to imitate internal thought continuity.

the creatures evolve in a grid world and do different things to achieve success.

newer versions will learn by the "dream mechanism". their output is compared to the

real world output that would be fed back into the segments but the bits are

advanced to the next closest value that preserves most of the mappings or "memes"

and contains the correct output given the inputs.

the evolution is very computation heavy so the system is distributed and seeded differently,

with interminglings and cross-planting of creatures across host worlds.

z rodeo is a new spectacle where a zomboy tries to ride or outmaneuver a zombie in a ring

while a crowd watches

i was confused at first because i did not know if the zomboy was the one being chased

or the chaser

z-wranglers i think they should be called is a better name

society is evolving because of the outbreak and they may become a part of our existance

like z-zoos

thought suppresant drugs have been somewhat successful in making zombies docile and manageable

tales are told of an other that will come one day that is immune to the infection and can

walk among a crowd of infected untouched and ignored

there are also tales of a survivor that held out in a mall all by himself for several years

each state now has their own founding survivors

the zombie-human relation is a regarded as a new form dual predation symbiosis called zombivorism

technically, it is not considered zombivorism when humans eat the undead flesh for survival,

but is thought to be a temporary phase in the ecology

There are at least 30strains of zombigen by now

The fact that it has a high mutation rate is probably why it is so hard to develop an antigen for it

A technique known as zombigen strain dating is used to break up and classify the spread and growth curves of the infection

month-last games mmo join paytoplay

escape to safety

play story

play online




start story

load saved


persistent world:

log in


quick match rooms:




microtransactions mmo buy ammo etc?

bag cloth system survivalism


2017 Feb 15 wed

room window dark bedroom side

flashing on wall from window

then trembling grows

person bed death pose hands



2017 Mar 04 sunday

scene epidemic spread reconstruction research effort


[edit] And here are some story-line missions:



Prologue (introduction in the beginning).

My name is Michael or Mike as my friends call me. This story took place a month ago and sitting at home, remembering these terrible moments, I want to tell you about the horror,

that happened with me and billions of other people, recording all this, maybe it will interest somebody, I want to leave this for generations to come and tell them in more detail

about the horror known as the Pathogen.

The virus swallowed cities and the epicenter became New York. At that moment I was in Boston. I worked at a brokerage firm as a broker.

My whole family, parents, wife with baby lived in New York, and I moved to a temporary job in Boston with good pay and promotion opportunities,

but as I regret, that I wasn't near my family when the epidemic began, I still search and hope to find my family, but so far my search hasn't had any luck, from New York remain

only ruins and the city is being rebuilt anew, sweeping up the remains of the horrifying tragedy.

But I've digressed from the main subject, the EPIDEMIC! An unknown virus, which scientists have named the Pathogen.

It turned people into animals, into walking zombies, ready to kill you at any moment. Back then my only goal was to survive

and get to New York, find my family and live peacefully, but life is an unpredictable thing. The moment it all began I was scared and my only thought was to SURVIVE!!!

Chapter 1 - Unwelcome guest

(NOTE!!! this chapter happens in the beginning near the house, later the hero Michael goes out into the streets a goes through the blocks etc wading through zombies,

finding a knife on the road, baseball bat, frying pan and so on, this is a choice for the player, the chapter begins at night at 4 AM).

Michael: "Home from work I quickly ate and without undressing fell into bed tiredly, the day was tough, but what awaited me was an unwelcome guest,

acquaintance with The Zombie, fear and bloodshed. Already, and the day had begun so well." (at this moment the screen should go dark and the sound of knocking

at the door). "Oh my god who could have decided to to pour into my home at 4 in the MORNING! I need to see who it is." (the hero gets up and goes to

the door, and opening it sees a zombie!). I'm coming, I'm coming I said, and opening the door saw THIS! A monster roaring in blood that pounced on me,

I needed to stop him, I ran to the kitchen and got a knife, and hesistated (?) to kill the unwelcome guest." (here you run to the kitchen and grab and knife and slash the zombie).

"Already I thought to kill somebody would be harder than it is, although what kind of person is this, this is a real

animal - a zombie that they scared us with in the movies became a reality. Walking out into the streets I saw real chaos, flaming cars, sounds

of shooting in the distance, this was all in reality very frightening, I walked through the street and found a baseball bat near the neighbour's house, but what I needed to do now

was to go along the familiar streets, ahead into the unknown saving my life with the hope to find at least somebody alive, but one thing kept bugging me, how my parents were,

my wife, daughter, I left for only a week and was supposed to be back in two days

and here is such chaos! Life is an unpredictable thing. There weren't any cars nearby, and those that were weren't in any condition to drive. My path through the streets

will be long, the main thing was to find at least any signs of life and survive." (NOTE!!! Then the hero starts to walk through the street killing zombies

in the first level only hand arms are available and no pistols, the level is 5-10 minutes, the quantity of zombies is conservative,

but not too great.) Having gone through familiar streets, having killed a decent number of zombies I heard a sound from a broken down car, somebody was talking

from a walkie-talkie, I needed to immediately find out who this was. (you go to the car and activate the walkie-talkie

and here the first level ends).


Chapter 2 - Stranger

(time is morning 6 AM)(hero) Walking up to the car I heard a voice and decided to answer. "Who is this?" I asked. (general)"Good morning stranger, I am general Alex Shields,

I will help you get to safety, right now go to the Alfred gunshop and there you will see a manhole. get in there

and just go straight, all sewer paths lead to Oldridge city hall, just don't ask any questions, as soon as you get out of the sewers and reach the end,

contact me, about what to do next, and now I need to go! To our soon meeting, stranger!". (hero) "Wait!" I said, but at that moment

the walkie got turned off. I had no choice, all that was left for me to do was to get to the Alfred gunshop, the path won't be easy.

(the game goes for 5-8 minutes, going along the streets to the gunshop killing zombies). Upon arriving at the gunshop, I saw broken glass

and decided to take a few pistols, grenades and my movie favourite shotgun, this was all that was left at the gunshop after the chaos. (the player gets

weapons, pistols, grenades and shotguns ammo will lie on the streets sewers etc. but not too much this is supposed to be survival).

The sewers were right under my feet and what was left to do was, listen to the stranger, get in the sewers and just go

in the hopes of meeting this general, I hope we will soon get acquainted in person, but ahead of me awaited a tough path through the stinking sewers.

(getting in the sewers the chapter ends)


Chapter 3 - Oldridge City Hall

(chapter begins in the sewers at 9 in the morning, killing zombies there should be a medium amount of them, you open the manhole and get out near City Hall

- supermarket Oldridge, going inside). "Having gone through hell in the sewers I removed the manhole and saw a blinding sun, how long was I going through that sewer?

Looking around I saw an entrace to City Hall and not a single living soul beside me. Having gone inside City Hall I tried to contact the general, but he

didn't answer, I'll have to go inside Oldridge and find the general, if he's there of course. Having entered the City Hall I saw a sea of zombies and cries for help

on the second floor, I'll have to break through fighting." (later through City Hall you're killing zombies make many of them, you get through to the second floor

and see the general dead with a note). "Having broken through a crowd of zombies, going to the cries for help, I saw the dead general Alex Shields

and a note: (general) "Lad, if you're reading this note, that means I probably died, here I've left a map and the coordinates of the evacuation point.

Please if you get to the end look after my daughter, even though we are not familiar with each other, I hear by your voice, that you're a good and

kind fellow, I don't have a choice anymore all my close friends have perished and I cannot leave my daughter with anyone, those soldiers on base are too dumb

to raise her, they only know how to shoot. She's left without a mother or father. She's already there with the soldiers at the evacuation point they're

holding the point, I hope you get to the end, I believe in you, with best wishes general Alex Shields."

(hero) "A shame general, he was a good person and judging by the note the best father, damn the epidemic." I took the note with the coordinates,

GPS navigator that the general left me, not much was left to do, enter into the GPS navigator that the general left the coordinates

of the evacuation and not much was left to do, the main thing was to get there alive. Having entered the coordinates I went into the streets, the arrow pointed

to the nearest forest,

there was nothing to do, I will return to the forest for another "adventure". (here the chapter ends, there should be many zombies in the level %70 of the maximum

lots of health packs and ammo)

He says that he thinks after 4 chapters when we've done the design + game mechanics etc. we need to make a demo with 4 levels so that people can rate the game and

write comments.

He says he will send 2 more chapters in a week.

I can make a free demo of the game for iPhone to put up on the app store when we're done the 4 levels. And work on the android version after that.


Chapter 4 - Angara Heights

"After wading through the forest I arrived at Angara Heights, the outskirts of the city.

I would later discover that Oldridge city had been nuked to stop the spread of the infection."

The player goes through the forest until he arrives at a ridge over a river with a highway bridge.

The player crosses the bridge and gets to the other side.

"When I got to the end I had to fight off the swarms."

The player fights the zombies until a timer runs off.

"Finally a plane landed to evacuate any survivors. After that, I arrived at a survivor's camp.

And the search for survivors continues as we try to understand the epidemic." THE END



This was a story-line made by somebody else for a previous project.

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