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The Concept stage and the introduction of the Concept Artist. #1

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Trym Studios


CONCEPT STAGE: If you are one of those who love naval games and sim, this will be right up your alley.

[font='Trebuchet MS']

A whaling company "Simulation" game sett in the 17th-18th century. Almost Everything happens on the ship, and as a captain you will deal with all the tasks from that time. The ship will be really detailed with alot for the player to do, and of course there is also the trading and business aspect of the game model.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

As the player, you can expect to:


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- Make moral decision when some of your crew members are sick. Will you throw them overboard to save the rest, or spend extra resources to care him back to health.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

- Delegate crew orders like scrubbing deck, repairs, upgrades, crafting and so on.


[font='Trebuchet MS']

- Take part manually in the above.


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- Arrange social nights with shantees and ale to boost morale.



Carve whale art for selling when you make port or just to show of to other players online.


Trade whale oil and other goods for the best price at port. Earn money for upgrades, new ships, new crew member specialists like doctors. Expand your business.

- Meet other players to trade goods and rumours of whale or other spottings.

- Play dice and other games with the crew members.

.- Engange in an action phased hunt for the whale, with a slow motion ability to make the kill.

- Do some fishing to get more resources or just try to catch all of the different fish for your collections.

- Surive the storms, while you delegate orders to minimize the damage.

- Explore everything the ship has to offer.

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Concept Artist: Roland Lucaciu has been hired to do all illustrations and designs for this project. Previously he has done work on Empathy: Path of Whispers which is another very atmospheric game on steam today, this made him perfect for my vision of this game. The art will come sporadicly during these next few weeks.


You can read and follow up here as well.


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