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Concept Idea Update #2

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Trym Studios


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I`m super excited to show you the Concept Illustrations and Designs coming sporadicly. These last month`s and specially these last few weeks has been very informative regarding research and figuring out how this will be a fun game for sim lovers.

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Any feedback and ideas you might have is highly valued as well.

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Thank you!

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News: 29.05.2017 Concept Ideas

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- Crew Members having moral-cricis being exposed to whale hunting, eather by change of heart or by how many times the same crew member joins the hunt in the jolly. (Feedback idea from gamedev.net by ninnghazad)

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- Customization of the ship: Captain`s Cabin, Kitchen, Sail`s, Color, Crew room, Storage room etc.

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- Business factory interaction ala The Guild. Upgrades and visiuals = Productivity.

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- Player can intigrate with the map in Captains Cabin, choosing where to fast travel = Port. Discover islands to note and to establish trade routes with.


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