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Quick crafting synopsis

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Taking a quick look at crafting and the interfaces

Crafting comes in two variations: through recipes and through discovery. Some recipes are found/purchased, others are simply discovered through tossing up to four ingredients. Anything that is learned through discovery gets added into your recipe lists.

For simplicity and ease, crafting is broken into four subcategories: General and components, Armor crafting, Weapon Crafting, and Furniture.

Cooking is similar, you have tabs for aEURoeAppetizersaEUR?, aEURoeDrinksaEUR?, aEURoeEntreesaEUR?, and aEURoeDesserts.aEUR? Either toss those ingredients you farmed up and experiment, or simply go through the recipes you already know.

Some recipes are locked and have prerequisites before they can be learned.

If you're familiar with any MMORPGS you'll feel right at home here. I'm skipping steps such as making "refinements" on most components and looking at making ores and woods useful for the majority of game. It drives me crazy that after a few hours ores such as copper and iron go to waste so that is an issue I will be resolving by balancing the flow of materials against the requirements for recipes.

Unfinished designs below but they give you a general feel on the designs. I love wood textures in case you hadn't noticed :)



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Thanks! It's always nice to have a fan. Got a piece that you're particularly fond of?

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Looks really cool!

I especially like the added props for the interface graphics like the "guild signs" for various professions + the work table. Makes it look lively.

The frying pen with iconography for ingredients feels cool too ;) !


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I like the idea of the fan pan as the background to the cooking crafting scene.

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