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Farkle Friends UI Update

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I have finished a major UI update. I made some changes to how things are shown, using dialogs in some cases instead of its own screen, added animations, and I also updated to a, what I think anyway, better overall look. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.


What used to be the options screen is now a dialog, making main menu navigation easier and faster. You click the sound button to enable or disable sound and hit the OK button when your finished.


The help dialog has been changed from button navigation to tab navigation. This also should allow for easier navigation as the player can now easily jump from any tab to any other tab with the click of the mouse.




I have also added a place to track high scores. I have not yet decided if the high scores will be local or social/networked. I will also expand and make it the top 10 not 8.


And this is the updated game screen showing that the player currently has "hot dice" and asking what the player would like to do.


There is still about 6 things I need to do before I start play testing performance testing. Adding sound, implementing the high scores, and adding a splash screen to name a few. I'm looking forward to being able to share this game with everyone soon.

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