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Debugging Information Success

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Early this morning, Epoch achieved a minor success in the debugging department. I was able to generate a working PDB file with symbols for a small test program, run the program in Visual Studio and WinDbg, and step through the disassembly.

Along the way, the current Epoch function was correctly tracked, indicating two things: stack unwinding information is working correctly, and function-address-to-symbol mapping is working as well.

The next step is to get line number information piped through to the PDB from the parser. This will be a major haul, but well worth it since it will allow source-level debugging of Epoch programs.

Once that is complete, I plan to tackle type metadata and variable tracking, so that the values of variables can be visualized in the debugger. ThataEUR(TM)s an even bigger lift, so I donaEUR(TM)t expect it any time soon.

That said, I plan on waiting until debugging is in a good state before resuming work on self-hosting, because having debug information available makes that process vastly more convenient and approachable.

All in all itaEUR(TM)s a good day for Epoch!


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I've finally grasped what you are doing with the run-time function overloading with the sum types. Looks like a really interesting idea - one of those features that could end up having emergent features that you didn't forsee I suspect, like C++'s templates.

I'm working on a (far simpler) compiler/VM project myself so find these posts really interesting. Keep them coming.

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