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pong clone or an mmorpg... ​Just trolling


You probably have no experience in game development if you are asking this question. You should share what you know, what you want to learn and what you've tried(if any) in order to receive any meaningful suggestion.

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Unfortunately, the other posts are correct. If you want to develop a game you should be hungry for it. You should have your own ideas and inspirations and draw on that. It's a long process with a series of ups and downs that will push you to limits you weren't expecting.

That being said, I don't really have ideas to offer as I don't know what interests you have, and the ideas I do have I would reserve for future projects that way I know exactly how it'd be implemented. I do have some advice though; if you really want to develop something, think about what you're passionate about. Think about which games really had an impact on you, write down what makes it special, and think of ways as to how you could expand upon it.

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Remaking old games is a good start. NES games, for example, are a good source of ideas, and fairly achievable for beginners.

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Making a chess game (without AI) is a good way to sink your teeth into game development. One of my first games (that I made entirely myself) was Mastermind. You know what to aim for, but the code is still a challenge.

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