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newest io games 2017

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Each best io games is an immersion into the expanses of the microscopic and macroscopic world. Manage small microbes, grow from a small cell a real organism or watch how a meteor becomes a planet. All this can be done with just a few mouse clicks. Build your own world, defeat other players and run away from stronger opponents, using special skills and natural dexterity. It is here that you will have to remember all the skills of hiding and "pumping" your character in the shortest possible time, so as not to let others take away the most "tasty" bonuses from under the nose.



Your task is to push opponents out of the map or to face an obstacle incompatible with life. Maps are constantly changing. At the same time in Bonk Io can play up to 8 people inclusive. Use weighting to push the opponent with a big boost.



Try yourself as a shark. You have to face predatory enemies, as well as pretty dull other marine life.

The shark is somewhat similar to the deeep.io, but differs from it in two important points. First, the so-called resources are not just scattered on the map, they also dodge you and generally try to avoid contact as much as possible. Secondly, the number of skills is much larger and you can only choose one of the 4-5 proposed ones. On the other hand, there is something in it about the snake of the muzzy.



Your new friend is a little smiling worm-sweet tooth whose appearance you can choose yourself. He dreams of becoming huge, so try to eat as many cakes and cakes scattered throughout the field. From this increases not only its size, but also the strength, allowing to compete with other players. Direct the worm to cherished treats, trying not to catch the eye of more successful opponents, because then your hero himself will turn into food.



It is not so easy to become the most dangerous fish in the entire seabed. You will need to send a whole flock of fish that can eat both starlets and plankton and smaller fish. Unite your small subordinates in larger ones, grow in size and become the most dangerous piranhas in the sea of life!

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