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New v2.01 of Candy Racing Cup is available!


Hi everybody,

Since Yesterday, v2.01 of Candy Racing Cup: The Lillian's Rally are available.

Enhanced the water, removed waste of polygons & datas, changed the current grass color, verified anything related to car collisions in the game... I intended to create a game like Mario Kart 8, but there is still hope! The hope that every fans should bring to us...

Friendly, Xylvan, Xilvan Design



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When accessing either "Candy Racing Cup Setup.exe" or Candy Racin Cup v1.55.exe it crashes with: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022)"

Windows 10, i7, 16Gb Ram, nvidia 650m

Edit: The uninstaller works perfectly though. Does not crash.

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