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"Project SpaceVille" DevBlog #2 - An Update



Hi, everyone!

We are so so sorry for not posting for so long! There are a lot of exciting things we would like to update you on regarding “Project SpaceVille” and FAXIME. Well, there’s been a lot of changes to this project. That includes both adjustments to already planned details, and lots of new stuff too! We’ll be posting regularly from now on. We promise! (wink)


So, onto the good news!

The two programmers on the project have been really busy finishing their B.ASc. on Game Development Engineering. But it's finally over and we are now back track again!

Since our last devlog, FAXIME was basically just the two of us, so you might think that our absence meant that development had stopped. Thankfully, our team size has expanded since then, and we added two new young and cool artists and a public relations guy. (Maybe we can do a post about them in the future, who knows?) (laughs). So, basically, what we want to say is that, while we were mute we were very busy!


Now that that’s said, let’s tell you some of the new features we have implemented on “Project SpaceVille”! In this post, we’ll focus on some social features.


Am I still alone?

We are glad to tell you that you are not alone in this crazy world anymore! We have implemented a new AI system for the characters’ dialogue to allow them to be aware of their surroundings when speaking with you. In other to achieve this, we have also developed a tool that helps create new dialogues. It’s only in prototype phase right now, but it’s already making our life a lot easier for us as developers and game designers.

Our goal is to have villagers that feel “real”, and not not some mindless robotic terminators! (laughs) We hope that you’ll be surprised of how aware your fellow villagers are when talking with them.


Cool... Cool... And what about real people?

Well… Since “Project SpaceVille” is targeted to mobile platforms, it has been a priority since day one to implement social features into the game. So, with that in mind, we’ve been experimenting some features and some technologies.

We ended up creating a prototype multiplayer mode, which allows you to visit your friends’ villages and interact with each other! Right now, everything that you can do in single-player mode, you can also do in multiplayer mode. But, of course, it’s still very rough in the edges so there are still a lot of things to fix. Sadly, do to the nature of this feature (server requirements, security, etc.) it might not make it to the initial release. But we’re still exploring our option.


Meanwhile, we have had a million other ideas of gameplay experiences we wanted to create and we will be telling you about them and other work we’ve done in these past month in a very soon future!


See you soon! (this time, probably next week) (laughs)



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1 hour ago, agamerthatlovesgames said:

Thats awesome a multiplayer game

Thanks :)
We had more ambitious ideas for the multiplayer feature, but we want to design the game play in a way that we avoid having server costs (at least initially).

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On 6/30/2017 at 10:58 PM, RedOtter said:

Thanks :)
We had more ambitious ideas for the multiplayer feature, but we want to design the game play in a way that we avoid having server costs (at least initially).

You can always search for partnerships

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