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Sprint 6 is ready for pick-up.



Sprint 6 is out. The #WORDSproductions team set the following goals:

  • Create and publish a video of Charly Men introducing the game BIZARRE to potential players. (in German)
  • Create a concept art of world outside Clearwaters appartement windows.
  • Create the main-character, Charly Clearwater, in 3D.
  • Continue working at the first game scene, Clearwaters appartement, i.e. create furniture in 3D and texture them.

So, let's start today!



Sprint 6.png



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    • By chimchooree
      I'm mostly following AGILE, but it's the only software development methodology I know. Do we know what methodologies are used by the AAA guys like EA and Ubisoft? Which ones are popular among indie devs?
    • By Josheir
      I have some tutorials for OpenGL and after fixing the direction of the slashes the libs still do not resolve.  So, I made a different link to a library in my own directory and everything works fine.  The include directories are the same way, when I put in my own directories the project works otherwise it doesn't (errors.)   There are files in the particular folders.
      Although I have found a workaround, I can't help but wonder how this problem could be officially fixed.  Does anyone know this one?
      Oh, by the way, I'm using Visual Studio 2017.
      Thank You,
    • By King0k Android13

      I'm a beginner in game programming and I'm programming in visual studio 2017 with OpenGL and SDL2 libraries
      Every time I try to build my project i have this problem and i don't what is the problem:
      1>------ Build started: Project: TheGame, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1>Cube.cpp 1>c:\users\king0k13\documents\games\thegame\thegame\game.h(18): error C2143: syntax error: missing ';' before '*' 1>c:\users\king0k13\documents\games\thegame\thegame\game.h(18): error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int 1>Main.cpp 1>Generating Code... 1>Done building project "TheGame.vcxproj" -- FAILED. ========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ========== These are my Project files:

      - Game.h
      #pragma once #ifndef _GAME_H_ #define _GAME_H_ #include <iostream> #include <SDL.h> #include <SDL_opengl.h> #include <SOIL.h> #include <gl/gl.h> #include <string> #include "Cube.h" #define ScreenWidth 600 #define ScreenHeight 600 Cube* cube1; class Game { public: // Constructors Game(); ~Game(); // Functions void Initialize(); void SetOpenGLAttributes(); void InputHandler(); void Update(); void Render(); void Clean(); // Globals bool RunningStatus; private: SDL_Window* GameScreen; SDL_GLContext GameContext; SDL_Event GameEvents; }; #endif Error Line is: Cube* cube1;

      - Game.cpp
      #include "Game.h" Game::Game() { } Game::~Game() { } /****************************************************************************/ void Game::Initialize() { // Initilizng SDL if (SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO) == 0) { std::cout << "SDL Initialized succesfully!" << std::endl; } else { std::cout << "Failed Initializing SDL : " << SDL_GetError() << std::endl; RunningStatus = false; } // Setting-Up The Game Screen GameScreen = SDL_CreateWindow("The Game", SDL_WINDOWPOS_CENTERED, SDL_WINDOWPOS_CENTERED, ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight, SDL_WINDOW_OPENGL | SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN); if (GameScreen == NULL) // Handling Errors { std::cout << "SDL Failed Creating Window : " << SDL_GetError() << std::endl; RunningStatus = false; } else { std::cout << "Creating Window Succesful!" << std::endl; std::cout << "Window Data : \n" << "\tTitle : The Game\n\tX , Y Position : (CENTERED , CENTERED)\n\tWidth and Height : (" << ScreenWidth << " , " << ScreenHeight << ")\n\tFlags : OpenGL | Shown\n" << std::endl; } // Creating Game Context for OpenGL use GameContext = SDL_GL_CreateContext(GameScreen); SetOpenGLAttributes(); // Setting OpenGLAttributes SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval(1); RunningStatus = true; // Turning on The Game Loop cube1->LoadTexture(); cube1->ActiveTexture(); } /****************************************************************************/ void Game::SetOpenGLAttributes() { SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK, SDL_GL_CONTEXT_PROFILE_CORE); SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_CONTEXT_MAJOR_VERSION, 3); SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_CONTEXT_MINOR_VERSION, 2); SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER, 1); } /****************************************************************************/ void Game::InputHandler() { while (SDL_PollEvent(&GameEvents)) { switch (GameEvents.type) { case SDL_QUIT: RunningStatus = false; break; case SDL_KEYDOWN: switch (GameEvents.key.keysym.sym) { case SDLK_w: break; case SDLK_a: break; case SDLK_s: break; case SDLK_d: break; default: break; } break; default: break; } } } /****************************************************************************/ void Game::Update() { cube1->SetPosition(0, 0); } /****************************************************************************/ void Game::Render() { SDL_GL_SwapWindow(GameScreen); } /****************************************************************************/ void Game::Clean() { cube1->UnloadTexture(); SDL_GL_DeleteContext(GameContext); SDL_DestroyWindow(GameScreen); SDL_Quit(); } -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      - Cube.h
      #pragma once #ifndef _CUBE_H_ #define _CUBE_H_ #include "Game.h" class Cube { public:     // Constractors     Cube();     ~Cube();     // Functions     void SetPosition(int x, int y);     int GetPosition();     void LoadTexture();     void ActiveTexture();     void UnloadTexture();     // Globals     //bool Hide; private:     // Cube Position     int X_pos;     int Y_pos;     //int Z_pos;     // Cube Graphic     unsigned char* CubeTexture;     GLuint TextureID;     int Channels;     int Format;     int T_Width;     int T_Height; }; #endif  
      #include "Cube.h" Cube::Cube() { } Cube::~Cube() { } /****************************************************************************/ void Cube::SetPosition(int x, int y) { X_pos = x; Y_pos = y; } /****************************************************************************/ int Cube::GetPosition() { return X_pos, Y_pos; } /****************************************************************************/ void Cube::LoadTexture() { Channels = 0; CubeTexture = SOIL_load_image("assets/Block.png", &T_Width, &T_Height, &Channels, SOIL_LOAD_AUTO); if (CubeTexture == NULL) { std::cout << "SOIL Failed to Load Texture" << std::endl; } Format = GL_RGB; if (Channels == 4) { Format = GL_RGBA; } glGenTextures(1, &TextureID); glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, TextureID); glTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, Format, T_Width, T_Height, 0, Format, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, CubeTexture); SOIL_free_image_data(CubeTexture); glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, GL_LINEAR); glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, GL_LINEAR); } void Cube::ActiveTexture() { glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, TextureID); } void Cube::UnloadTexture() { glDeleteTextures(1, &TextureID); }  
      - Main.cpp
      #include "Game.h" int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { Game TheGame; TheGame.Initialize(); while (TheGame.RunningStatus) { TheGame.InputHandler(); TheGame.Update(); TheGame.Render(); } TheGame.Clean(); return 0; }  
      I would be really happy if someone helps me to fix the error.

      P.S. : If someone have any good advice to help me coding my project better please tell me!
    • By FusionDev

      I have been coding since the 90's, and have released a few minor succesfully 3D engines over the years, Vivid3D/Trinity3D/Aurora - Probably not heard of them, but I am quite skilled in the concept.

      So upon the announcement of RTX cards and their features, I was highly motivated to create a modern 3D engine, in C++(Visual studio 2017) using Vulkan. Atm I have a GTX 1060 - which is v.fast and is more than enough to build the base engine. In a few months I'll be getting a RTX 2070 to implement raytracing into the engine etc.

      The engine has only been in dev for a week or so, but it already has a basic structure, using classes. It will be a easy to use 3D engine, with support for model imports using AssImp.

      So my point is, I am looking for any other Vulkan coders, who might be interested in helping develop the engine? The code is on GitHub - open but I can make it private if we decide to commercialize the engine to make money/support futher development.

      I want to make a Deus Ex like mini-game to test and promote the engine, so you can help with that too, even if you are a 3D artist and interested, because I am just a coder atm. 

      So yeah, if anyone is interested pls drop me a email or reply here, and I'll add you to the gitHub project(I'll need your github username)

      Note - a C# wrapper is planned also, if you are a c# coder and would like to help with that, demos/wrapper etc, that would be very cool.   My email is antonyrwells@outlook.com

      Thank you.
    • By Flicklizic
      Hello! I need some advice on my new library, I'm not really confident about it... First a little of introduction:
      One of my biggest problems when creating a game or a game engine was how to perform the resource management (loading files, editing them, etc). I could just use a default "Data" folder, put all my files here and load them using the standard ways but we know that this is something problematic when the project starts to grow. I also don't think (or at least I don't know) there is a good library that could help with this task.
      Yeah I could use zlib or something like that but I decided to create my own, I did some improvements here and there, created a decent (at least I think) introduction/tutorial on its git page but I really don't know if any developer would use it on its currently state.
      Here is the link https://github.com/RodrigoHolztrattner/Packet (written in c++). It uses hashed paths to perform fast-mapping searches, it has 2 operation modes (one that allows editing and the other that is focused on performance), all resources uses reference counting and it has some other things that are listed on its github page (like the hot-reload capability for example). Unfortunatelly there are no working examples for now but I plan to add them in the future.
      Now I ask you, what do you think about using a library like this? Is it something that you would use for your game? Have I done some kind of overthinking when building it? Like I said I'm not really confident about it (although I'm using it on my projects and I feel it suit them really nice).
      Thank you for your time!

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