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Medieval Story



It has been quite a while since my last blog post… as always. However, development has not ceased entirely… just continued in ever so small steps. =) Here are some of the changes and additions made in the last couple of months.

  • Exploration/event music added.
  • Created library for handling steam achievements.
  • More enemy types.
  • Work on demo has begun (almost finished).
  • Fixed a bug when shooting arrows on certain types of enemies.
  • Implemented a game launcher which displays news and announces game updates. Launcher will not be included in the steam release, I think that would be superfluous.
  • Added animation to an already present cutscene (this had actually been long overdue, it looked horrible).

I've also created a short trailer for the game. Steam requires all games to have a trailer in order to have it published. Luckily I just found out that Photoshop is able to edit videos :) I didn't even have to learn any video editing software. *yay*

Well, this one-man project is starting to shape up nicely I think =)

Now, with these latest changes (…and a ton of tweaks and fixes made earlier, too many to mention here) I felt it was time to submit the store page and game files for review by valve/steam. They say that the review process can take up to 2-3 days for the submission to complete. It feels strange to call Medieval Story *finished* but I have to call it sometime. I hope the game gets enough response/appreciation to warrant further development. However… I know that indie games rarely becomes successful so I have set my aims pretty low in that regard. If I was doing this for commercial success alone I think I would never had gotten as far as I have.

On a private note, our second daughter has been born which has led to my development time being even more limited.

As always, thank you for reading and for your support!


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Not a whole lot of footage to go by here, but what you've shown looks beautiful. It looks like you've paid a lot of attention to the combat animations and the environment--I love the parrying and the trees swaying. 

Looks like something I'd love to play.

When can we look forward to a longer gameplay video?

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