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I'm just happy wracking up screenshots and pieces of art on my DeviantArt, which I get enjoyment out of. That is, I'm saying this because, you may be wondering why, the whole giant game is being made at all. I looked through so many, well, a few, new pieces of mecha art I saw. It feels like whoever read what I wrote and down-voted just doesn't understand what the heck I'm talking about. Eg the part about being low-poly and almost MineCraft-like. I hate MineCraft and the style, for the purpose it's being used for. What I meant is the crisp, polygon-perfect models, where every polygon is PHYSICAL and has reactive properties, if you shoot it, if you hit it, etc., and that you prefer to use eg texture data for details rather than extra polygons. But there's a certain Pavlovian action-response association you get when you severely trim the fat on the polygons and graphics, until only the reactive and functional components remain. It becomes so dangerous and like CS 1.6. Why would I waste extra man hours making all these details and garbage if I can do much more productive things. It should be like a game art style. Trash style. Which just gave me ideas. To put meme faces and emoticons superimposed and part of the 3 dimensional world as billboards etc. 

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