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physics classroom

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So this has to have some kind of kick or purpose beyond being just a game. So here's an idea for what was originally going to be "isometric forum" but now is "subfield" the physics lecture hall. Basically you're a student and somebody's giving a lecture. You have all the controls of an FPS. You can sit down in a chair, crouch on your desk, lie on the floor, or if you spent some of your student money to buy paper, you can crunch it up and throw it at the instructor, or make a meme face. The instructor and can up to the chalk board, equip it, and type on his keyboard, which will render the text on the chalkboard. He or she can also upload a PDF or two and JPEG's or PNG's or GIF's etc, and use them as slides, or PPT slides themselves, and give out PDF "handouts" all integrated into the rendering engine. Outside is war going on, and the roof's getting blown off, but here you are, discussing physics. You can assign different times and names to lecture halls for example, to say who's going to be lecturing when, and if this is worked into an MMO design with potentially limitless numbers of players (too lazy to say how right now), then this can be a continuous 24/7 thing like Habbo Hotel. 

Also, there's cafeterias, dorms, and a whole campus etc, and you can design your own, and host your own 24/7 MMO servers.

You can also eg be in an office tower, or at your desk, processing PDF's from arxiv.org, or at a business meeting presentation with overhead projector slides powerpoint with arxiv.org PDF slides, or discussing it, or maybe there's a rocket launch that you're all furiously working on making happen, or you're at a pentagon, discussing top secret PDF's, or... at a surgery room.... or in king Tut's tomb, uncovering hidden for millenia old PDF's, or PNG's, or JPEG's, or GIF's, etc, or MP3's, or WAV's, or ... the secret chalice of the damned of porn .AVI .MPG .MOV .MP4..... ritual file opening and sharing. Basically a game of file exchange and information digging and role play and sharing. The idea was to make a 3D forum for discussion of physics or something. With lecture halls and buildings with levels etc.

I think it would be interesting as a way to give presentations or lectures for people with their own fringe theories or something. Personally I think if people dig up random academic papers on physics for example and discuss them or have somebody lecture them and give everybody a brief run-down and digest, it would be interesting, and have some kind of purpose. It would be like a forum in a way, or maybe a Khan Academy of sorts, but for more sporadic and individual information bites. And the title "subfield" actually fits quite nicely with it. Or you could be mechanics in an air base garage working with UFO mock ups, trying to come up with propulsion, and the next day you come over again and there's a revised model or something eg. Because it's totally open source and moddable and supposed to be easy for anybody to pick up at a glance. Oh and you can use voice chat of course. That's probably what the lecturer would do at least.

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