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BOATMATH 3.5: The Cube Moves The Boat Now


Just a mini-update this time, nothing too major. The biggest change is that in simulation mode the test cube will act as an engine, pushing the boat forward. In addition to this, there are a bunch of small changes made to the editor:

  • Machinery will appear in a translucent "preview" mode before being placed.
  • Scroll wheel now rotates machinery.
  • Machinery snaps to the horizontal grid by default, making it easier to line it up with the center of the ship. This can be toggled by pressing G.
  • Machinery will only be highlighted when you're looking at it instead of all the time (eventually, you'll click to select machinery and be able to change options for them, for example the caliber and barrel length of a cannon).
  • Right click deletes a surface or machine depending on which mode the editor is in.

Also I got a new video editing program so now I can fast forward through building the exact same boat again.


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