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I actually have to get a job now because I'm not officially making money, even though it's ridiculous and I should be getting paid for the useful physics work that I do. All these people in universities getting taught this ridiculous stuff that they take so seriously that if they even tried a little seriously in detail would realize that it has a flaw (ie the Pythagorean triangle of relativity). All these people that are doing these time-dilation experiments that don't get values corresponding to the gravitational time dilation that they should experience. And they have all the values they need for it. Just the gravitational acceleration. The velocity is in the rest frame. Anyways. The whole system is flawed and some people (like me) don't get money when they should or somebody else doing the same work would get paid. I have to actually try to make money instead of doing useful work. Grants are only for university students or professors. Imagine me doing web development work or app design or something. Ridiculous. And getting a job is just basically getting a rich person to support you. Fucking ridiculous! Agh. So frustrated. Guess I have to go apply for jobs on craigslist. Might just make sense to just rob a government, Fight Club style.

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Being a semi-functional adult making a positive contribution to the world and paying your own way, isn't easy.
Try and get a job you can cope with and keep working on what you love in your spare time.

Everyone else that can't commercialize their primary hobby is in the same boat. Including me. I feel ur frustration.

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The issue though is that I'm doing physics not games, and thus it is useful. It is no more a hobby then what the quantum gravitists are doing, or waiters, and actually more productive and useful. I'm actually draining my finite mental resources. This is like precious gems and silica used to make computers and smartphones. The stuff I do in my head, is like running computing time on a super-computer, except there's only one of me that can do these mentally damaging and permanently altering brain structure tasks, until other people get off their asses and learn to think and do the same about physics.

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