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Ideas [edit]

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I think I have to talk about everything on my mind and go into detail into the ideas everywhere because maybe the mental disconnect I feel is because I'm mulling this over by myself and there's a disconnect in communication or contact with reality. Also I thought maybe actually making games I was afraid to make might make money. Ie I was thinking now I actually have the reason or feeling of deservedness to make games that shamelessly grub money while making all the kids spend all their parents money etc. I was afraid it would make TOO much money. Haha. JK. But I don't think that will go anywhere as I'll still have to invest too much time or money and have nothing in the end.

But about the ideas. I think writing in gsjournal is the only way I have of writing papers, unless some other journal besides the one I tried (JPhysA) publishes me. Actually seems like a waste of time if I already have everything organized in a simple way in a single place.

I got banned by the idiots at physicsforums.net because they don't allow original research and thinking proposals. I think it was just because I was spreading dissent about relativity or rather just plain out saying it was wrong without any other solution or work done to show why. But I think if I make a second account... I don't know they don't even reply to the contact I sent asking about reinstating my account. Ah... [Swearing]

Well there's other English physics and science forums, if I'm that desperate. And there's sci phys relativity on Google groups and the gsjournal forum. And dxdy.ru which is Russian and the lurkmore.ru discussion page behind the wiki entry on the theory of relativity. Um. Probably others. I feel like it's a copout and only rejects that don't know anything have to resort to this kind of spamming pretty though I actually intend to have discussions and unique content. Ok. Well that probably can't go wrong. Looking forward to this.

[Edit] Not for the job thing. And I think that this might be at least interesting for the intial discussion I get when I start.

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