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Runica: The Ancient Dungeon #01




Before i start, i want to say "HI" to all members, im new one :)

OK, so i want to share with you my roguelike/rpg project called Runica. I spent last 1 and half year working on it. This is my weekend/free time project. Game has nice and colorful, pixelart graphics, and it is similar to Isaac or Nuclear Throne which are great games! 

%%% So what is this all about ?

We have to choose our hero from 3 classes available. Mage - using wands with magic dmg to shot and range abilities to damage enemies. High magic power, but really weak in melee fight. Hunter - using bows with magic attack or crossbows with physical attack. Playing hunter we have two ways to play, we can choose bow to focus on our abilities and magic power, or we choose crossbow to mage a lot of physical damage, but our spells are weaker. Warrior - this is totaly melee class, using sword to deal aoe dmg, short range, we have to focus on health points and armor.

Next we enter to the random dungeons, filled with monsters, treasures, gems, and chests. The point of the game is clear whole floor. After that we can enter next dungeon, using magic totem. In the middle of the game, we have to upgrade our equipment and statistics.

Mage Screen


Each one has 4 unique abilites, they are unlocking when we are leveling our character. U can see skills icon on the last screen. Of course we have other stuff like HP/MP bar, the value of our potions, EXP bar, and in-game timer.


We are using mouse to aim, LMB shot our current weapon, RMB is our first skill. We have to use some keyboard too. WSAD we are moving, 2,3,SPACE using next three skills, TAB opens equipment, ESC to exit current run.

Hunter Screen


Dungeons are dividen on biomes. Each one has a set of monsters to meet. There are always 5 of normal type monsters, and 3 champions, super monsters. There is no lightning around us, so we have to light the torches on the walls to know, where we have been. 

Main Screen


If you have any questions, please comment. I will make more posts soon. If u want to see more materials like films, more screens, here is the facebook fanpage (polish language):



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I like the art style of the game. It looks really nice. 

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