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How Would Your Business be Benefited from a Mobile App?



Mobiles are a fantastic way of technological expression in our times, and mobile applications are definitely one of the biggest reasons behind this. So, the answer to the question - whether mobile applications would benefit their respective businesses - the answer is absolutely yes. 

But, that’s the short answer.

Here’s the longer version:

Visibility Increases

First of all, an app will make your visibility skyrocket! We know it extremely well that an average person spends quite a great amount of time every day on smartphone, especially internet services - we know this without the help of any statistics. But, even if statistics were to be believed, then the average time spent on mobile Internet services was estimated to be 185 minutes, that is a bit more than 3 hours a day. While mobile app might not take up all that time, it sure occupies a lot. A major reason for that is an app actually helps a user save time by not having to log in all the details every time they open the app. Also, while looking to open some other app, or do some other task, the user may scroll and scan, coming across your app several times a day. So, take advantage of the visibility that a mobile application provides by designing one.

It Acts as a Direct Marketing Channel
A mobile app is such a compact thing, when you see it - and it amazingly carries so much of information in it. Whether it’s prices, user accounts, notifications, home feed, or just any general information - all of it, you can easily find in a mobile app. And it creates an easy medium of direct two-way communication that you can have with your end user. You can easily gather feedbacks, as well as remind them of any updates or upgrades.

Helps You Build Your Brand
More than a website, a mobile app clicks more with the audience, making the brand feel more like their own. With a mobile app, users feel more involved, they prefer it more rather than having to logging in on a website. Think of your app as a billboard. Like people crossing by in their cars, or waiting at traffic signals, see various ads staring in their faces, your users will have look at your app, almost every day - if not to use it, then at least by coming across it while scrolling through the mobile for something else. And that is how you make people recognize your brand. 

Customer Engagement gets Improved
This is a great way to make our customers engage with you. If it’s a restaurant that you own, then people can directly reserve their tables from your app. If it’s an app related to cab-service, then people can book their taxi from the app. If it’s a product you’re selling, then you can sell from our app. Even when it comes to settling customers’ grievances, you can include a direct message feature on your app, and make your end users’ life even simpler.

The great thing as a developer and a designer is that, you have this blank slate in the form of a mobile app with you, that you can create the way you want to; you don’t have to think twice about whether people will like the concept of having an app in the first place, because they absolutely will. The only thing to think about is how to make that app of yours stand out in the crowd of apps.


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