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7/18/17 - Design Update



    The reason this blog is called "My First Success" is because I am dedicating myself to make sure to see this project all the way through. My list of projects is endless, but my list of finished products numbers 2 right now, neither of which are impressive. 

    I'm still in the early design phase. I'm planning this game to be developed through the Fall semester (that means 4 months - piece of cake). The idea currently is to have a castle-building 2D game. For the first phase, I intend for the player to be able to collect resources (stone & food), recruit 3 basic units (soldier, farmer, and miner), build the basic buildings (storage, mine, walls, gate), and involving the player character in combat. Eventually, RPG elements, as well as large scale strategy and persistence would be cool, but that's way beyond my current scope so I'm just going to throw those out for now. The final goal is to have two players build their fortresses and armies and try to take each other's castles. I plan to enable only local multiplayer, since I have no current experience with multiplayer games.

    For now, however, the first build of the game will only involve one player character building a fortress and defenders, and a continuous onslaught of enemies trying to take the player's castle. I'm intending to use Unity, and have minimal graphics that I can create myself (since I'm a programmer primarily, art is not my strong suit). However I'm going to research and perhaps use a different engine or framework depending on, really, what I feel like. I'll probably have at least one other programmer and an artist to help me on this project.

    Stay tuned for future updates (which will involve pictures).



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I love the title of your blog. :) Good luck and I hope you stick with it.

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