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Alchemica - Introduction


Before we start our development blogs, we want to share our insight about us and the game.


What is Alchemica?

Alchemica is a game being worked on by a development team consisting of two people for several years.

It is a free RPG game for Android with some unique takes. Players take the role as Charlotte, a young alchemist striving to become a successful merchant.

During the course of the game, she can use materials taken from the world to craft various potions and bombs. These items can then be used for battles. The main idea is that she doesn't use conventional weapons, instead relying on her own expertise in crafting items to defeat monsters and gain loots in the form of more materials from them, thus repeating the cycle.

Charlotte also owns a store, the one she wants to build reputation on. She can directly sell loots taken from dungeons for gold, or use the time to craft better items as they are worth more. Visitors will come to her store, and she must haggle with them to win her hard-earned gold coins.


What does Alchemica looks like?

As a die-hard fans of classic JRPGs, Alchemica is entirely made with hand drawn pixel-art to emulate that retro look that we hold dear. Battles are drawn out in that classic turn-based style, while dungeons are randomly generated.

Hare are some screenshots of the game for people who are curious.






Where can I try Alchemica?

If anyone here is interested to give it a try, here's the Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gdi.crunchybit.alchemica


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