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A New Demo & Trailer for Village Monsters!



2017 07 13 16 20 30

I'm very excited to announce that a new demo for Village Monsters is now available - and there's also a new trailer for you to enjoy right alongside it!

You can find the demo right here at my website, and the trailer below.

This release is still considered Pre-Alpha, which means that there are missing or incomplete features, placeholders, and bugs.

Still, this latest demo represents the most amount of work I've put into the game so far, and while it's still in a rough state, it is absolutely playable with many core features and fun things to experiment with.

2017 07 13 16 23 59

Here's an sample of things you can find in the current demo:

  • Catch bugs and other critters, then donate them to the Historical Society
  • Experience a day/night cycle with dynamic weather
  • Go fishing!
  • Talk with nearly 20 unique villagers with distinct personalities
  • Buy furniture, then decorate your house with your purchases
  • Shake trees and dig up half-buried items to discover treasures, money, and...food?
  • Discover all kinds of hidden secrets and easter eggs (be sure to check each mailbox!)

oink oink

So go check it out, and be sure to follow me here at indieDB, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Work has begun on the full Alpha demo which will be releasing sometime in September, so look forward to weekly Developer Diary Digests on my progress starting this weekend!

Enjoy your week, everyone!

2017 07 13 16 23 32



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