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7/20/17 - Update



Decent progress today. I'm lucky enough to have an artistically gifted family (minus myself of course). I've got two artists currently working on concept art for the theme of the game. Initially, I hadn't given much thought to the artwork, but when I started thinking about it I realized I need to utilize my resources better for a better game. Initially the idea was a sort of cartooney, fun, colorful theme with the architecture and characters being western medieval knights (I finally learned how to spell medieval correctly today... congrats me). However, there are many opportunities to break out of the standard here.

Feudal Japan is obviously another appealing choice. Who doesn't like samurai? You've also got China, eastern Europe (Russia), India, Egypt... even fantasy such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, etc. So many different and interesting choices. Of course, we don't want to make a fan game or anything, so we'll simply be drawing influence from these things. I'll post some of the concept as soon as I get it.

I also got together with another programmer and we talked about the idea and specifics in terms of UI and enemy behavior. All in all, good progress!

Here's a shitty diagram of the basic idea of the game:




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