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7/23/17 - Update



I've only had about 15 minute to work on this project the last two days. I've been talking about it to potential teammates and thinking about it quite a bit throughout my day, but life is busy and it can be hard to find time. However, progress is still being made.

Basics of player control (combat, movement, and resource collection) are completed, now I'm beginning to focus on enemy basic behavior. After I get through that, which might take a while, I'll move to wave control, then building basics, then allies, then UI. I have several people still working on some concept art to figure out what direction I'd like to move in artistically for the game, so hopefully by the end of this first prototype iteration I'll have some sample art to implement.

After I've gotten through this first iteration, I'm going to spend a bit of time focused on design, as I've recently been struck with a couple ideas which could add more depth to the game. 

Keep up the grind!


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