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"Project SpaceVille" Devlog #5 - Coming back to code

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Hey y’all! :)

Here’s yet another update on “Project SpaceVille”!

As you may already noticed, in these past few months, we’ve been absent from programming. This has mainly been because we were all busy finishing our university degrees and we’ve also been very busy with business and team management and consolidation side of things. (boring, I know) So, we haven’t touched the code for so long, and we didn’t quite remember how messy it was. (laughs) We know we’ll have a dozen of sleepless nights trying to figure this out, for sure.

Right now, we are focused on fixing all bugs related to the input of the game! We feel that this is one of the most important parts of a successful prototype.

Next, we’ll be replacing most of the current art assets with proprietary ones we’ve already developed. We’re really in a rush here; we applied for Indie Dome at Lisboa Games Week 2017, so we need these two things ready by next friday. (gasps)

Let me talk to you a little bit about Indie Dome: it supports producers of independent videogames, placing artistic, innovative and culturally relevant projects in one space. As organization, it promotes and publicizes emerging projects and the most praiseworthy through showcases with the help of our partners and for the general public in order to foster greater awareness and visibility of the Portuguese and the international independent movement. You can check out more info here: http://indiedome.org/

The submissions close on July 30th! (gasps) So, you understand why there is so little time! Besides that we are also fixing the game so we can release it to our official Insider Programme alpha testers. Please remember that if you want to be part of this community you can still join us! Just send us a message on Facebook or an email us at faximegames@gmail.com with the passcode SPACEVILLE-IP.

Finally, we’ll be going to Game Dev Meet @Porto this next friday (July 28th). We’ll be there to exchange knowhow and experiences with other game developers. And guess what... “Project SpaceVille” is also coming with us! (wink, wink) So, if you guys want you can come try it out and give us your precious feedback.

If are from around show up and say hi to us! :)

Click here to check out the Game Dev Meet @Porto event on Facebook.



Until then,



Follow us and keep updated at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FaximeGames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faximegames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaximeGames
Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.pt/faximegames/

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