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How to learn to draw game graphics



So, drawing. How to learn how to draw game graphics and how to learn to draw at all, when is your maximum this?





Okay, then let's discuss this. To begin with, I'm not a cool artist, but I persistently develop this skill in myself, every day drawing and stacking tons of paper. By the way, I advise this to you. This is good advice. As in the beginning of any business that you start, you do not need to show yourself a super genius, have super equipment and immediately invest huge amounts of money in your development. No, my dear friend, start small, and everything else will come with time.

Therefore, to begin with, choose the style of drawing that you want and just practice in it. Just do not paint in all styles at once. To begin with, determine what you like and understand what styles there is. Watching how the games and their style develop, I can say with confidence that now the pixel art, cartoonish and comic graphics are in fashion. Who needs hyperrealistic humanoids and canons now? This is a huge zamorochki in creating games and stereotyped. Do not be afraid to draw a fist bigger than your head, and legs are the size of a joystick.





Fashion, where beautifully painted drawings and brought them to realism, gradually disappears. Minimalism, simplicity and violation of proportions is what is now actual. Look at the latest games, because they became easier in style and no less beautiful (Overwatch, Dota2, Pixel Piracy, etc.). I will also say that I am a big fan of vector graphics and how it looks. What not to say about China and the eastern countries that can not live without it. This is not a joke, because in fact, Chinese developers are styling their games for a bright cartoon graphics with the addition of anime. In the east
This is popular.


Here are the games of Klei Entertainment. Pay attention to the style. You see? He's alone in all games and it's cool. This is the most important thing - to find your own style. I'm sure the director will not fire this artist.





Look at other industries: advertising, television, etc. Everywhere simple graphics are used, for it is easy to perceive. People are now very lazy and quickly get used to everything, so vector graphics are now gaining good growth. By the way, to draw graphics for games, you need and do not need a graphics tablet. Look, the point is that you can draw a vector and pixels with your mouse. Believe me, this will be enough for you. But the tablet is relevant when you are drawing something more or less detailed. More often it is used for detailing and texturing an object in Photoshop. I once read Christopher Hart's book about drawing comics. You can also read the book of your chosen style, as well as redraw the different pictures you like. Why? Over time, the hand and the brain will memorize the outline and images, and it will be easier for you to come up with something new in the future, as well as draw already existing pictures in your head.


Well, I probably will finish this, but this is not my last article. I will be happy if you need my experience. By the way, more information about the development of games and everything related to it you can find out on my YouTube channel. With you was a Ukrainian developer of indie games - Flatingo. Good luck to you.



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