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Medieval Story released



Medieval Story has finally been released on Steam (wohooo!). Many late nights and evenings have been put into making Medieval Story. All graphics, sounds, maps, programming, scripting, GUI, music, AI, dialogue writing, modelling and what not has finally come together into this small game with about 8-15 hours of gameplay time. It feels quite bizarre thinking of all the hours that have been put into the game over the years and then reading reviews about it. Sadly some people seem to have had quite high expectations, pointing out infantile (?) dialogue, horrible controls and bad characters. I don’t know… Never fun to read criticism when it is sort of rude.

If you consider buying the game I hope you enjoy it for what it is; a one man game project developed in spare time.


Thanks for reading!


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Pretty awesome that you released it, man. I wouldn't let a couple bad reviews get you down. Of course, it's easy enough to say that, but fear of exactly that kind of criticism is what has kept me from releasing stuff in the past. People can be dicks.

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Hey! Never ever give up on that :) I haven't played the game but it seems polished and captivating by looking at the images on steam and your blog posts. Good job on coming this far already. This is not bullshit talk but a really honest opinion. Congratulations!

A small detail: I would consider lowering the price on steam. I am not saying that it doesn't deserve the price (I can't tell how it should be valued at since I didn't play it) but people rarely trust "new games" so they are probably not willing to spend 13 dollars on them. I am not saying it is not a fair price but for now it might be high.

If I were you I would lower the price by a little or even promote the game by offering it to some people (as competition prizes is a great idea too) and only then increase it.

All the hours you spent were not wasted for real. Keep up the good work!

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Awesome achievement.. I think people underestimate how long it takes a single person to make a game of this type, your blog posts over years shows it. :)

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I think its amazing! Keep up the great work! What engine did you use while making this? Im also working on a RPG game at the moment using unity. 

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devMandarkk: Thank you! :)I used no engine. frameworks include glfw, openal, lua, freeimage. Both my engine and editor share roughly the same tech. 

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