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WoA V Day 0



Hi folks! It's the second year I join this competition, but this time with a team (PizzaFest). I really enjoyed last year, even though I couldn't manage to make a very good game. I want to thank the people who have organized this for everything they are doing and have done during the past few years.

Our  team is the following (in the order the people were added to the team):

  • SilviuShader(me) - programmer
  • DeadCP - artist
  • WaLee - sound artist
  • Kavarna - programmer

As for the way we'll make the game, we won't use any existing game engine or custom game engine (as I used last year). We'll instead use DirectXTK for graphics and Bullet/ Box2D for the physics engine (depends weather we make it 2D or 3D) if required. In this way we can't make the game have really stunning graphics but even if we did use a game engine such as Unreal or Unity, it would still be hard for us to make amazing graphics as we are not really the most experienced gamedevs, so we chose to make the game this way because we can directly program the things we want without considering the limitations of the engine, it just feels more straightforward for us.


All right, this is all I have to say, I hope this competition will be fun and I wish luck to all the teams.

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