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Progress is back since finals just ended. Currently working on the ally behavior. The main problem I'm facing right now is how to get them to track the enemies. The enemy and ally classes are very similar since both essentially move towards a target and attack entities of the opposite team if they come in range. However, for the enemy, they simply track the banner object, which is by default always in the game, from the first frame on. However, I need to come up with a method to have allies choose an enemy to move towards once it's been spawned, and then attack. I also need to do some design work, because I'm not sure whether or not I want the allies to stay in a position and then only move if the enemy is within a certain range, or just go straight for the enemies no matter how far away they are. I did what I could today, I'll have it figured out by the next update.

Tasks in progress:

- Ally and Enemy combat / tracking

- Resource collection and storing

Plan by next update:

- All in progress (8/10):

- Begin UI

- Design work (buildings, combat)


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